Building technology, bringing business to life
Building technology, bringing business to life
LionStack Is Always Hiring.
We are currently hiring developers in Belarus and Russia. You can start part-time if it is easier and to try things out.


  • Preferred technology stack: Java + JavaScript, Mongo. Will consider other stacks like .Net and React if you convince us it is the right tool for the job.
  • Main project area: mid to large business applications (databases, workflows, complex logic). Pluses: NLP, blockchains.
  • A Computer Science or equivalent college degree is desirable, but optional. A real-life project portfolio beats a formal diploma.
  • Fluent English to interact with our (American) customers directly is highly desirable.
  • Ability to research the right tools and learn quickly. You will be the project’s technical owner.


  • Starting compensation: $3500 to $5000 depending on the three requirements described below.
  • Business trips and potential relocation to the US.
  • Worry-free employment and infinite growth at a company founded by programmers and for programmers.
  • Help with founding your own startup and finding American customers, when you are ready.

Hiring Philosophy
We employ less people and pay them higher, provided you naturally want to take on more responsibilities, because you love programming. Deliver the best code, get paid, and grow with our early-stage startup – it is that simple. We will help you to found your own startup, when you are ready. We have plenty of hungry customers.

We are engineers, not researchers, technical evangelists, or job-hoppers. We build things, that work. We do not pay for “skills” or “experience”, let alone “years in the industry” (стаж). Only real-world products and services matter. Every LionStack engineer is a technical owner of his/her project(s) responsible for picking the best tools for the job, planning and executing the plan. It’s your own “startup” w/o the need to formally found one and look for clients.

Technical Specialty
Our core products use the following technology stack. We don’t insist on “years of experience” with all of those technologies – only the ability to learn it in customary for any senior developer two weeks.

  • Java: SE v.8+, Spring, all necessary open-source frameworks, Groovy, and all other Java stuff.
  • HTML5, CSS3, and JS: used internally by our platform, so you can focus on Java business logic.
  • Persistence: Cassandra (statistical), Mongo (transactional), RAM grids e.g. Hazelcast (clustering).
  • Google, Facebook, and other social APIs
  • AWS

Requirements and Compensation Criteria
We have three major requirements. Ace all three, and you get the max pay. Otherwise you start with a lower one. Lower skills and bad English cost us more, so we really want you to grow fast and get the max as soon, as possible. And keep growing.

1. Technical Proficiency

  • Research and learn all of the tools, frameworks, and APIs required for the project – whether ours or third-party.
  • Enjoy writing clean minimalistic OO code. Be a perfectionist - within reason. You are in charge of the project.
  • You need to have an eye for clean UI and intuitive user workflows with minimum clicks and data entry. The tools we use take of the styling automatically. No designers needed.
  • You should have predictive mindset (different from Fowler’s Speculative Generality) when it comes to “unexpected” e.g. DDoS attacks, peak loads, and potential sources of memory/resource leak.

2. Domain Expertise

  • Most of the bugs are related to tricky business rules and workflows. When engineers fix bugs, they ultimately learn the domain better than any user. Own the domain expertise from day one.
  • You are the Solution (and any other) Architect. Talk directly to the users. Let them treat you as an expert and entrepreneur instead of “outsourced” coder.
  • We expect attention to details. We won't be micromanaging you - telling what the requirements you forgot to implement.
  • You are responsible for telling the users “No” when their requirements’ complexity threatens the system performance and maintainability - followed by a solid workaround. Every customer’s problem has a technical solution.

3. English

  • You need to be able to verbally communicate with the American customer.
  • As for the written English, we won’t be correcting broken English in your UI field titles and error messages.

We Need Generalists
LionStack is a lean self-funded startup with zero margin for error. You need to deliver complete solutions and be productive from day one. If you were pigeonholed into a narrow role (aka "being a little bolt in a big machine" in Russian) e.g. doing back-end bug fixes, here is your chance to grow into a true project owner. Show us you are ready.

Interview Process
There won’t be stupid technical grilling, algorithmic exercises, or HR BS at the interview. There won’t be trick questions to verify if you lied in your resume. We don’t care about the resume. We want one thing from you: to present yourself as a generalist at the interview. The best way to do it is to demo your portfolio of solid real-life projects.

Show Us Your Achievements and Portfolio
Portfolio is optional, though it shows who you are better than any resume or academic degree. If you don’t have it (typical GitHub exercises and little tryouts don’t count), you should think about putting together a prototype or at the very least a detailed design in the technology stack of your choice.

Talk to us. You may have an existing portfolio. You may not need us. But if you decide to try it, we have a few ideas for such portfolio project relevant for us, but it is ultimately up to you. It’s your portfolio. You can present it to others too. If you don’t like our suggestions, make sure to pick the domain you want to specialize in. We won’t pay you for a portfolio project (the matter of principle), but back you providing a reference to all your potential employers, that you worked for us on that project. Because you did.

Do not send us a standard "resume". Just briefly tell about your current or desired technology stack – primarily what you used it: for a paid project, fun/hobby one, or the exercise described above. Remember, we are a Java shop. Most importantly write about your professional journey and goals/aspirations.

Drop us a link to your LinkedIn profile or online resume using the Contact Us form.