Unconditional IT problem solvers
in the world of "solution providers"
We founded LionStack to bridge the enormous gap
between the space-age mobile and cloud consumer apps
and grayish Windows95 (at best) era enterprise software,
that still dominates offices, kept alive by armies of coders.
Crude cars, computers, and mobile phones were luxury initially.
New technology not only makes products orders of magnitude better.
It makes them affordable without sacrificing a single feature.
We let the technology, not the headcount, do the heavy lifting.
Jason Barber, CEO
Jason Barber got his start selling the hard way by going door to door and getting rejected over and over; teaching him to be resilient to rejection. At the age of 19 he worked for a leading automotive group in Michigan and became the number one sales rep in two short months. He was quickly promoted to run the entire sales and financial operations for the entire group by the age of 23. He moved on to work for a medical staffing company. He was employee #10 and he quickly scaled their recruiting operations helping them grow from $2M in revenue to $75M in revenue.

Jason is the mastermind behind FetchData as he knows the key to optimizing your sales process and growing your revenue is grounded in simplicity. Complexity is the enemy in CRM. FetchData is the simplest, easiest to use sales & recruiting optimization CRM on the market.

Alex Rogachevsky, CTO
25-year Fortune 100 IT veteran in the financial, insurance, and healthcare industries Alex built over 15 mission-critical ERP-class software systems before deciding to team up with Jason to solve the pressing enterprise automation issues.

Tired of seeing only two out of ten developers work at best: mostly fixing the other eight's bugs, and inspired by the latest advances in Computer Science spearheaded by consumer technology leaders like Google and Netflix, Alex brought that workforce-shrinking tech to complex enterprise software to empower the two out of ten experts to do what they do best: Google-caliber engineering.